Albert Lea Retired Veteran the March Featured Artist at City Hall Building

city hall art

Theodore Rasmussen is from Austin, MN. He is the featured artist at City Hall in the CIty of Albert Lea this month, according to a release. Rasmussen is a veteran who is disabled. He started painting as a form of therapy in 1989 while he was serving his country for the Army.

Most of his paintings are abstract. He explained that his inspirational heroes of art include Picasso and Matisse. He mostly works with oil paint and loves the era of the 1960s, according to the information release.

His works of art will be featured at the Austin Artworks Center later in 2016. He plans to sell his pieces there as well.

The hallway near the Public Library and Council Chambers is where his art can be found hanging. Contact the CIty of Albert Lea to get your artwork featured.