RaveON! The Buddy Holly Experience in Fairmont

Fairmont, MN - “RAVEON! The Buddy Holly Experience,” originally scheduled to be presented at the Fairmont Opera House on Friday, January 8th, has been postponed until January 22 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets for the January 8 show will be valid for the January 22 show.

The recent ice storm caused the band’s truck and 16-foot trailer to slide into the ditch late Friday afternoon, and soon afterward the decision was made to postpone the show. Thankfully, no members of the group were injured in this incident.

“We’re just glad that everyone is safe,” said Jonas Nissen, Executive Director of the Fairmont Opera House. “While we are very sorry to cause any inconvenience to our patrons, safety must come first in situations like this.”

Members of the Rave On! Cast and crew were traveling east on I-90 when the pickup truck they were riding in lost control. After several harrowing seconds in which the truck and 16-foot trailer spun a complete 180 degrees, the travelers ended up deep in the ditch. The storm and icy conditions had local towing establishments completely tied up, and it was not until later in the evening that the trailer, heavily loaded with sound equipment, instruments and costumes, was finally pulled from the ditch.

“We examined several options before deciding to postpone the show,” said Nissen. “We even started calling local musicians to ask if we could borrow instruments, but every solution posed a new problem. We soon realized that if we were to push on, the show wouldn’t get started until around 10 p.m. We appreciate everyone’s patience and continued support of the Fairmont Opera House, and we look forward to an even better show on January 22nd.”