Indie Australian Flick at Owatonna Library: Tracks

tracks indie film

Tracks (Australia)

Tracks tells the remarkable true story of Robyn Davidson (in an incredible performance by Mia Wasikowska), a young woman who leaves her life in the city to make a solo trek from Alice Springs in Central Australia across the continent to the Indian Ocean, a distance of 2,000 miles. Accompanied only by her dog, Diggity, and four unpredictable camels, she sets off on a life-changing journey of self-discovery. In order to get funding she reluctantly agrees to share the occasional company of Rick Smolan (Adam Driver), a National Geographic photographer who starts the journey adorably dorky and shallow but, like Davidson, ends it changed for the better. This is often the kind of story that seems to be about the search for self and spirituality - not here. Tracks is a tough character study of a young woman who just wants to be alone, with her camels and her beloved dog. Something about the image of a stalwart, resourceful woman fending for herself in an alien wilderness brings out the best in filmmakers. Director John Curran’s adaptation of Davidson’s autobiographical book, presents a vision of nature that shimmers with uncanny beauty and eerie solitude and evokes the immensity and seductiveness of Davidson’s challenge.

Run time: 100 minutes