Minneapolis Movies | A Short Film by Derek Elvebak Called Shared Space

Minnesota Filmmaker Derek Elvebak

The film is a haunting depiction of someone sharing a space with someone in and out of a reality unwanted. Derek Elvebak, a Minneapolis writer, artist, musician and video producer on YouTube, wrote and directed this short animated film noir while living in Prior Lake, MN.

Elvebak has other animated films as well. For many of these videos, including his talk show parody, "The Alight Let's Talk Show", Elvebak uses a simple paint program and edits individual frames put together in a video editing software. The work is tedious and isolating, something that likely soothes the artist.

The animated films seem like a cinematic style popular with film noir and horror-mystery-sci-fi genres, bring to mind "The Twilight Zone" of the 1950s or a Hitchcock film of the same era. Elvebak, who also composes music under the Veiny Bubbles and used to rock a two-string electric guitar that was hand made crudely, injects satire, dark humor, depression, angst, wonder and hysteric chaos all into his art.

Elvebak started tinkering around with films as a kid. He was a teenager when staying out late nights in Albert Lea waiting to hitch a ride back to his home in Alden, or later in Freeborn. Elvebak was always an interesting type of fella. He would watch indie films on the Independent Film Channel (IFC), HBO and Showtime. He was addicted to shows in all genres, but especially comedy and interesting dramas with complicated plots and narratives. He also liked films driven by dialogue and abstract ideas.

As a college-aged man, he watched a lot of satirical cartoons, televisions series and more films, both independent and mainstream. His hobby films as a teenager became a more eager passion as YouTube became popular and more advanced. He also learned more about creating digital art when he collaborated with other artists and musicians.

Subscribe to Elvabak's YouTube Channel to see more of his videos as he updates them in the future. You can also find the Veiny Bubbles' music on SoundCloud.