New Spike Lee Joint: Chiraq

Spike Lee's new joint, Chiraq, is his new movie about the violence in Chicago that has given it the new moniker, "Chiraq" due to a higher casualty rate in the city than in a combined amount of troop casualties over time in the Iraq war. His newest venture is a peering look into a Midwest city that faces economic, social and cultural challenges in one of the largest cities in the nation, and one with a bloody reputation dating back 100 years or more. Lee's film has a unique plot involving the struggle between violent men and boys in Chiraq and their female counterparts who are looking for a way to end the madness that has already claimed thousands of lives over many decades now.

Fake Shore Drive, a Chicago-based website covering arts, culture and hip hop in the Chicago area, reported that the movie will be released December 4, just before holidays as Amazon's first feature film release. The movie's theme and idea come from “Lysistrata,” by Aristophanes, a Greek comedy. Samuel L. Jackson and Nick Canon star in the movie. The film's title is controversial, but the film itself has also sparked its own controversy. The trailer has been released a month ahead of release though.

In the film, women withhold sex from their men in an attempt to stop the violence. Hip hop producers and emcees in the Chicago area have slammed the movie, according to reports. Rhymefest is one Chicago artist who felt this way. King Theloneus told CNN that the movie sexualizes and jokes about a very serious situation in the city. In a city where a boy as young as 9 years old can be gunned down, it is no doubt a serious point of contention for many.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Chicago natives will indeed be part of the cast and the movie will be shot in the city.