Suffragette Now Available in Owatonna

Suffragette indie film

Suffragette is a great historical drama with a story taking place in a period when women’s suffrage was impacting most major countries of the world in a big way. Carey Mulligan gives a searing performance as Maud, a young woman whose life revolves around her husband and child and her exhausting and dangerous job at an industrial laundry. While one film can hardly do justice to the complexities of the suffragette movement, this does a good job of highlighting the personal struggles that ordinary women like Maud would have endured. Her innate sense of justice and morality is the springboard for her initially hesitant involvement in the movement through to her absolute commitment to it. The story is grim and real and reminds us that rights and privileges we take for granted, have been fought for by people of enormous courage. Ultimately, Maud’s story of suffering and sacrifice highlights how it is often those who give the most for a cause who do not gain as much as those who follow and reap the benefits of change.

Run time: 107 minutes