Drones Being Used for Agriculture but Also Used to Expose Bad Practices

The below Facebook video depicts the practices of large hog farm operations, the toxic waste they produce, who is impacted by that waste and the conditions of the animals living there. This footage was shot using a drone or hectacopter to procure footage from a large hog farm. Slanted previously reported the various new uses that local agriculture industry professionals are finding for the technology. Now journalists are using them to expose some of the more questionable practices of agriculture as well.


Beers of the World 2015 to be Held at Mayo Civic Center in Rochester

Beers of the World

Beers of the world is a fundraiser for Bear Creek Services in the Rochester, MN area. The event takes place at the Rochester Mayo Civic Center in Rochester. The event will be held on Saturday, September 12.

VIP 2:00pm-5:30pm
GA 3:00pm-5:30pm

This event will feature over 100 different beers along with limited samples of spirits and wine. With ticket purchase, attendees will receive a free commemorative tasting glass.

Meal on a Budget Recipe: Spicy Mango Tilapia Stir Fry

Spicy Mango Sriracha Tilapia Stir Fry

If you're living on a budget then you might have to get creative in the kitchen to eat well. Keep following Slanted Mag's cheapo home recipes to eat delicious meals at home for fractions of what it would cost to eat out. Use the limited money you have to buy ingredients that will make it a couple weeks until your next trip to the grocery store. Buy to combine with products you already have in your kitchen, including the spices. Spices go a long way in the kitchen. They liven up your dishes.


Meal on a Budget Recipe: The Classic Patty Melt & Homemade French Fries

Patty Melt

The patty melt is a classic American sandwich melt using ground beef patties. If you are living on a budget, stay tuned to learn how to utilize affordable ingredients and the common items in your refrigerator to make delicious home cooked meals without breaking the bank. The following recipe serves four people.


McDonalds Cheap? More Like Cheapskates!

Tiny crappy ass water cups at McDonalds cheapskate asses

So about a month ago I was in Minneapolis going to an appointment near Lake Calhoun on Lake Street. My friend and I had decided to get lunch before meeting with a potential real estate client (we do marketing). We decided on McDonalds because it was right on the way in a convenient location. We were both strapped for cash and living on a budget. In fact, my friend had just returned from Miami after losing a good paying tech job there for a freewheeling mansion-living millionaire with a flair for the extravagant.


Rochester Craft Beer Expo Coming Up

Rochester Craft Beer Expo

The Rochester Craft Beer Expo is dedicated to bring beer lovers from Rochester and the surrounding areas shining examples of the wonderful movement of craft beer from across the United States.

Located at the Mayo Civic Center, this event will allow you to indulge your palate with fine craft brews in a commemorative glass, while also being able to educate yourself on the wonderful styles of beer available to you.

The 4th Annual Rochester Craft Beer Expo is on May 2.


Schells Stag

Schells Stag

NEW ULM, MN (March 31, 2015) – In a nod to its 19th century brewing traditions, the 155 year-old August Schell Brewing Company has released a limited-edition beer aged in American whiskey barrels stored in the brewery’s original, underground lagering caves. Located below the historic brewery, the naturally cooled caverns were originally constructed in the 1860’s to facilitate brewing in an era that predated electrical refrigeration.


Photo of the Week: Schells Stag 9 Lager from the Caves of New Ulm

Schells cave brew

This week's photo was submitted by August Schells. Pictured is August Schells brewery staff member procuring beer from the aged Stag 9 series that we recently explored in a previous article. The beer is aged in more-than-a-century old wooden whiskey barrels from the turn of the last century. These caves were used during the times that pre-dated electric refrigeration. Cheers!


The Perfect Couple, Country and Beer, at Mankato Brewery

Food, drink and music complement each other like the stars, moon and the sun. So, together they were at a country music get-down at the Mankato Brewery yesterday.


Chimney Sweep is Dark, Smoky and Delicious

August Schells Chimney Sweep craft beer

August Schells Chimney Sweep is dark smoky and delicious. The Slanted Mag team sampled it at a party recently and were amazed by the aromatics of the brew. It had that very frothy dark texture with a smoky taste that delivered a full but relieving feeling on your taste buds.