Twin Cities and Southern MN Brewery Tours Done Right

Brewery Tour in Minneapolis, MN

Brewery tours are the rage now. All over Minnesota, including August Schell in New Ulm and Mankato Brewery in North Mankato, you will find tours of microbreweries that create craft beer delights for locals. Their popularity and distribution networks continue to grow. The addition of beer pubs has created a sonic wave of entertainment and artisanship potential in the twin cities food and craft beer and wine scene. These tours are a welcome addition to the arts, music and entertainment scene that already exists in the state and in the twin cities especially. There is also a rich culture of food in the state that boasts the largest state fair, complete with butter bust sculptures of famous people on late night talks shows. So how to do the brewery tour the right way? Get the right transport service.
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Limousines, stage coach-like trolleys and coach buses are the ultimate way to do transportation and keep the party going on wheels as you roll along to each stop. One company that has received dozens of awards in the Minneapolis area over the years, since opening in the 1990s, is Renee's Royal Valet. You can't go wrong with a brewery tour complete with a stretch hummer limousine or a trolley filled with happy tourists. Microbrewery tours in Minneapolis are popular, but they require coordination and planning. A designated driver is probably the best way to really enjoy the night without all the pressure in the mix. Getting a limo for the tour will put your mind at ease if you are the planner.

Brewery tours are pretty amazing because you learn a lot about the craft brewing process, the differences between darks, IPAs, etc. and the scientific breakdown of everything, not to mention you get to drink and get silly. You may even get a bit of history, because craft brewers are often inspired by previous cultures or other brewing techniques or flavors from previous times or generations in other parts of the world. Beer brewing is ancient. Renee's Royal Valet and Limousines has been doing this gig for a couple decades already and they have seen the tremendous growth in the brewing industry and niche.

They provide brewery tours to Baus Haus, Lucid and several others in the Minneapolis area. If you are going to do a brewery tour in the twin cities, then you should check these guys out. They have an interesting fleet of luxury limousines and coaches and also the old school era looking trolleys. There are around 20 or so breweries dotted on the twin cities map on Renee's website. Summer time tours are starting and the company plans to reserve dozens of rides over the next coming weeks to accommodate the growing interest in MInneapolis brewery tours.

Brewery tours are great ways to take out friends, family or people you work or do business with out on the town and get a good view of twin cities landscape and businesses. Take a limo or a bus through the cities and suburbs, weaving your way along the highways, county roads and interstates to stop at each interesting microbrewery with its own unique story. That story often entangles with the story of each community. Businesses like Renee's Royal Valet and Limousine Services in Minneapolis have witnessed many great stories over the years they have done brewery tours in the twin cities.