Coca-Cola Pulls Ad After Offending Indigenous Mexicans

Coca-Cola delivery

Coca-Cola has offended indigenous people in Mexico after releasing a commercial depicting a young group of Caucasian people coming to bring Coke to people in Oaxaca. According to Delish via MSN, the commercial sparked outrage among many indigenous Mexicans in Mexico and others across the continent, accusing the company of racist messaging. There is also controversy over obesity rates in Mexico, which is a larger consumer of Coca-Cola and soda than the United States, so both health groups and consumer groups have appealed to the government to have the ad taken off air.

The company decided to pull all of the ads itself as well and released an apology to the public, responding that the company didn't mean for the message to be interpreted that way. The company further stated that the "Open Your Hearth" campaign was designed to break down prejudice and share. Critics pass this off as phony and argue that the company is merely trying to use people, just as colonists did. There has been a significant social media backlash as well.

Photo: Coca-Cola delivery, by Rob Young, United Kingdom.