DIY Garden Idea: Use a Shipping Pallet for Sectioned Garden

DIY Pallet Garden

She orders things online. She ordered a leather sofa and recliner. There was lots of cardboard and packing peanuts and plastic bubble wrap that the toddler at home loved when she could step on them to hear them go, "POP!". The leftover wood pallets were a problem, but a DIY solution was waiting in a grassy open patch in the back yard behind the shed. Rather than hauling the big material off to the dump (she would need to find someone with a truck to do so), she thought of another brilliant idea: garden sections.

Jamie Berg, a young mother of a small child and electronics manufacturing technician at EI Microcircuits in Mankato, took her skills to the outdoors... well, the backyard outdoors anyway. She dug up an area measured the same dimensions as the crate with enough depth to leave some of the wood raised. She sifted through the soil to get to the best parts too. That included removing any of the dead grass, roots and weeds within the soil. Of course, you'll never get all of it, but this DIY-mama was able to get most of it. After this step, a DIY garden needs some premium enriched soil, available at any local Southern Minnesota hardware, garden or home improvement store.

The garden is already looking great, with tomatoes budding out already in their small bright baby green form. There are peppers, herbs and other vegetables growing in this DIY pallet garden as well. Among them are cucumbers, jalapeno peppers and peas. Whether vines or stalks, plants will have a lot of room between the spaces of the pallet to grow in a line and produce fruits and vegetables. Berg used human hair to keep out pesky deer and rabbits. No munch marks yet!

It is a fun activity for the baby girl and the rest of the family to go outside on a hot summer day and water the garden just before filling up the baby pool. The garden is her pride in the yard, along with her many plotted flower beds along the edges of the house and driveway.

If you are looking for some great inspiration or ideas on how to create a garden with great sections and places for propping and good old fashioned organizational patterns then try your hand at using a pallet to grow your Southern MN garden.