FoodTech for Craft Beer and Gourmet Roast Coffee at Home


This week Slanted Mag takes a quick glance at a couple popular crowdfunding projects on IndieGogo in food and drink technology to see what gadgets are interesting and on the horizon for consumers. Both niche industries, coffee and beer have been the focus of a number of recent popular consumer goods like home brewing kits, popular local brewpubs and snazzy coffee makers. As we enter the Internet of Things (IoT), new gadgets will incorporate our smartphones, computers, tablets, video game consoles and other connected devices to interact with our appliances.

Meet the iGulu, a project on IndieGogo that has raised more than $817,000 as of this writing, which amounts to more than 700 percent of their funding goals, so the device has certainly picked up some steam since June 20, when the crowdfunding campaign launched. The iGulu looks kind of like a fire safe upon first glance, but its sleek design is also tantalizing. The automated, smart brewing system incorporates a user's smartphone. It includes a library of hundreds of brew recipes and can start and complete a brew within one week's time. There is also a community of other users to connect with and easy cleanup for the machine. Once you have your ingredients, you can begin to brew by selecting a default beer from the LCD screen menu or use the app for a customized brew of your choice. Ingredients have compartments that are dedicated for their use. Once you start the machine, it will handle the rest of the process: boiling malts, mixing hops, adding yeast and fermenting, which can take anywhere from one to three weeks.

Simpli Press Coffee is for the coffee enthusiast. The product was founded by Jenni Morse and Scott Morse. When the couple brought the coffee gadget to trade shows in the Northwest U.S. (Portland/Seattle, both coffee and hipster Meccas in the U.S.), a great number of folks were drawn to the design and features of the coffee maker. Basically, the goal with Simpli Press was to combine a number of possible elements of flavor, aroma, easy cleanup and convenience of use all in one product. The product can produce the body of a french press or the richness of an espresso for example. Many different ingredients can be fine or course ground in the blends. It will allow you to custom brew a coffee of your choice using choice flavors. It is dishwasher safe as well.
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