Innovative Food Application Launches in Spring 2016


A new web application has been developed to solve the problem of filtering an overwhelming amount of digital information about food, health and dining into relevant and useful information for consumers will be officially launching in spring 2016.

The idea for came from the founder, who was trying to simply locate special dietary information for a family member she was taking care of. She did what most people do and typed a query into a Google search. The overwhelming amount of information, including information she wasn't sure she could trust littered her search results and she found it most difficult to filter through. She thought there should be a better way to do it. She developed in response.

She ended up teaming up with other expert developers, software engineers and programmers to create a fully functional social media hub for food and health experts, brands and consumers to connect. It has been likened to online dating services and top social media companies like LinkedIn. Personalization is key for the service, now in BETA mode. Personalized tips, health information, dietary information, promotions, dining locations and more can be aggregated to an individual user's feed on the site.

This means chefs, nutritionists and others can engage directly with followers, brand advocates and other consumers (potential customers) directly through the FoodNiche platform.

In just a few simple clicks, users can get the information they are looking for without resorting to tedious research through Google searches and constant filtering and trial and error on websites that too frequently offer false, misleading or information only meant to sell products without providing helpful tips or useful data to complement them. This is what users are looking for on the Internet, particularly as new food and health movements are emerging.

In the U.S., obesity and other health problems are fueling a need for such services. There is also a trend in health conscious consumer behavior. Animal treatment, GMO use, organic food options, farm to table methods, integrity in the supply chain and other factors are now becoming widespread in the $550+ billion food industry globally. Consumers intend to be more aware than ever what their products are made from, how they are made and how they will impact the consumer's health or community.

It may also be a great opportunity for brands and companies to research and analyze consumer behavior, demand and expectations. FoodNiche will allow them to engage directly to seek this information.