Schells Releases Apparent Horizon Noble Star Sour Berliner Weisse

August Schell Brewing Company in New Ulm recently released the eighth edition of its Noble Star Collection of craft beer that belongs in the Berliner Weisse sour styles. It is called Apparent Horizon and it is noted for its unusual hint of rye malt.

“With Apparent Horizon, we wanted to put a twist on the fruity acidity normally found in a Berliner Weisse,” said Jace Marti, Schell’s brewmaster and sixth generation member of the Schell’s family.

“The substantial addition of rye to the base of the beer creates a spicy dryness and an interesting aroma of sourdough, rye and pumpernickel.”

The “Vollbier” (full beer) strength Apparent Horizon draws 35 percent of its malt bill from rye malt.

The beer’s dryness, spicy rye flavor and golden orange hue resulted from the addition of rye malt from Briess Malting in Chilton, Wisconsin.

CaraRye malt, from Weyermann Malting in Bamberg, Germany was used to add an aromatic, biscuit-like rye flavor. After a mixed primary fermentation with yeast and lactobacillus bacteria, the beer was transferred to Schell’s original 1936 Cypress lagering tank and pitched with an authentic brettanomyces culture for a long, slow, 9‐month secondary fermentation.

The resulting beer is a highly complex version of a Berliner Weisse that features a balanced acidity with notes of lemon and cider. This lighter bodied, golden orange beer is unfiltered, and highly carbonated. Apparent Horizon was hand bottled and bottled conditioned in 750ml cork and caged champagne bottles to allow the flavors to continue to develop over time.