Valentines Day Basket from Local Grocer Review

Valentines Day Dinner Steak with Bacon-wrapped asparagus and twice baked potatoes

For $25, the local Hy-Vee grocery store chain in Mankato offered Valentine's Day sweetheart baskets with the following items:

2 asparagus wrapped in bacon
2 8 oz. sirloin steaks wrapped in bacon
2 twice baked potatoes
4 desert cupcakes
1 salad

The price point wasn't bad overall, but the salad seemed skimpy, which prompted us to buy an extra bag of ice burg lettuce at the grocery store.

We put the baked items in the preheated oven first. We just cooked the asparagus and potatoes together for this one in a metal baking dish.

We modified the meal just a tad. To start we seasoned the unseasoned steak with garlic salt, table salt, pepper and a tad of oregano plus Worcestershire sauce. We also chopped a thrid of a white onion to carmelize with the seasoned meat while it cooks. During the cooking process, we started with high heat to begin caramelizing the onions while the meat cooked. So, we covered them together and added water when necessary to prevent onions and meat from burning. Then we unvovered the meat once the seared surface was just perfect.

Then we laid some of the onions atop the steak, turned off the heat and started cutting thin strips of swiss cheese slices. We also bought some of those delicious habanero cheese cubes that you can buy at Kwik Trip or Holiday and some other stores in the area. We laid the strips across the onion-covered meat in a cross-hatched pattern, then put the crumbles on top of that and covered the meat, allowing the heat to melt the cheese.
bacon wrapped steak

Then we prepared the salad and split the salad up for two portions. By the way, Hy-Vee totally skimped on the vegetables. There was only one cherry tomato, one tiny cucumber slice, a pinch of shredded carrots, one julian strip of green pepper, a half hard boiled egg and a bit of onions. The portions of cheese was appropriate and fine. We split up the salad and added mandarin oranges for zest.