MN Rhymesayers Artist Prof Makes Rolling Stone's Sept 2015 10 Artists List

South Minneapolis rapper told Sway, an entertainment and music journalist (as well as a hip hop radio icon), that his fan base was mostly regional and even talked about being booed off stage. Well, with a recent label move to Rhymesayers in association with his Stophouse Music Group, Prof has been making some big noise, even outside Minnesota. Sway did a lot of work promoting and exploring Prof's talent and appeal to young people at the 2015 Soundset festival in the Twin Cities.


MN Fats Rapper Releases Videos with Snoop Lion and Wocka Flocka

MN Fats, a Minnesota hip hop artist with a street hustle sound and larger than life frame, recently released a couple new music videos. One of those videos, for his song "Can I Freak", has had around 15,000 views on YouTube so far. The song features Waka Flocka, a successful southern hip hop artist.


Minnesota's Ant from Atmosphere Joins LA Weekly Top Producers List

Ant,the producer and DJ from Minneapolis, joins LA Weekly's list of 20 best hip hop producers. LA Weekly's list includes those the magazine believes have been the most influential in producing quality music, as well as commercially successful music. Ant, noted for producing the Minneapolis sound for more than 20 years, was #20 on the list.


General Mills Faces Lawsuit from Miss Cleo Snafu

Psychic Reading image by Bohemian Baltimore, WikiMedia Commons

"Nadia's Psychic Reading" image by Bohemian Baltimore, WikiMedia Commons

General Mills, in the news recently for its sale of the Green Giant brand to B&G Foods, is now in the news for a lawsuit it faces surrounding the character from Psychic Readers Network, Miss Cleo, whom General Mills used to market the return of their previously popular French Toast Crunch cereal.

End of Vita.Mn Magazine? Yes and the Star Tribune Buys City Pages

Yes it has been confirmed everyone. Vita.Mn, the Minneapolis arts and entertainment publication and competitor to rival City Pages, called it quits today. Here's the kicker: they actually bought City Pages! That's right. If you can't beat them then join them as the old saying goes. The historic City Pages magazine was previously owned by parent company, Village Voice Media from NYC, home of the heralded New York Village Voice magazine.