Song of the Week: My Best Half by Atmosphere

Another song of the week is here from Slanted Mag. We know it's been a while, but here is what we have for you this week. This week's Song of the Week is a hip-hop joint.

Atmosphere announced late Tuesday on Twitter a new song release. The Minneapolis based hip hop duo, Slug (emcee) and Ant (DJ-Producer), who make up atmosphere released the song, "My Better Half" and posted it on SoundCloud.


New Curiosi-Tea House Open Mic Nights

open mic night mankato

A new event in the Mankato area, Curiosi-Tea House Open Mic features local Minnesota talent taking the stage to express themselves and/or perform in front of an audience.


Dick Kimmel, Poor Benny & Ivory Bridge Bring Old Bluegrass to Arts Center

Bluegrass music is now featured at the Arts Center of Saint Peter. There will be select shows in 2016. Read the full article to learn more.


Local Emcee Joey Bones From Mankato Rocks the Mic at Fifth Element in Minneapolis

Former STP Frontman Scott Weiland Found Dead of OD in Tour Bus in Bloomington

Scott Weiland

The former vocalist for 90s era alternative rock band, Stone Temple Pilots, Scott Weiland died on December 3. STP had a major following around the world and the band contributed a great deal to modern alternative rock music of the 1990s and early part of the 2000s, headlining clubs during the heydays of grunge, alternative and new metal.


Video: Cheap Trick at Mankato Rib Fest 2015

Mankato is home to Rib Fest. In 2015, Cheap Trick, a popular band from the 1980s, performed at Rib Fest in Mankato. A concertgoer filmed one of the sets and released the video on YouTube a few months ago. The song is called "Ello Kiddies". The performance is dated August 7, 2015.

Tom Sommers uploaded the video and said the following:

"They just keep getting better! I don't know how they do it. They are the greatest American Rock Band, period!"

As of this posting, the video had a little more than 400 views on YouTube.


Thanksgiving Video Pick of the Week: Crash Cuddle Live at Whats Up via FuzzTalk

Crash Cuddle is Slanted Mag's Video Pick of the Week. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy this excellent music performed live at the What's Up Lounge in Mankato, Minnesota in 2013. Shout out to for the video production and local music promotion efforts!


Javier Trejo at the Arts Center

SAINT PETER, MINN. – Lauded by Twin Cities Daily Planet for his “ungodly guitar skill, smart songwriting, and powerfully emotive vocals,” guitarist, singer and songwriter Javier Trejo and his band will perform at the Arts Center of Saint Peter on Friday, Nov. 20. Trejo plays in a range of genres, augmenting Latin roots with rock, R&B, blues, and countrywestern.


Rhymesayers Celebrates 20th Anniversary at Target Center Major Minneapolis Venue

Brother Ali in Missouri

The Minneapolis hip hop and music scene altogether have culminated a strong Midwest cultural force that has produced one notably strong and successful independent music label that continues to amaze and inspire true fans of underground and fresh new independent rap and hip hop.



Music Collectors Together at Rochester Music Expo

Music historians and enthusiasts had a blast at Sunday's Rochester Music Expo, which took place in Rochester according to the Post Bulletin Newspaper. Record collectors and dealers were there swapping stories and cash for items at Cornerstone Plaza Hotel Soldiers Field in Rochester.

The show featured dealers of CDs, vinyl records and music memorabilia of all sorts from all genres of music. The event was free and ran from 10 am to 4 pm. Admission was free to the public. It was the second Rochester Music Expo event to date.