CityArt Walking Sculpture Tour People’s Choice sculpture to be installed in Old Town

Mankato City Art Sculpture Tour Peoples Choice Saturday Distractions by Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby

Celebrate the third installation of the People's Choice sculpture, "Saturday Distractions", by Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby of South Dakota on Wednesday, June 18. The bronze sculpture features a young boy so immersed in a good book that he doesn’t notice his dog anxiously awaiting a drip from his melting ice cream cone. The piece will be permanently installed at the corner of Riverfront Drive and Rock Street in Old Town near Mom and Pops Ice Cream Parlor. A brief installation ceremony will begin at 11:00 am followed by an ice cream social until noon.


22 Jump Street Review

22 Jump Street

"Do the same thing. Everyone's happy."

From the very opening, "22 Jump Street" announces that fact that it's a sequel. Hell, it can't stop reminding us of the fact and how it intentionally sets out to repeat the outline of the first film. There are so many worse films to repeat almost verbatim than "21 Jump Street" but if you're going to take the beat-for-beat approach, cynicism can only get you so far.


Saint Peter RC Car Races a Summer Passtime

RC Car Race in St Peter

The Saint Peter RC car races seem to be a great summer passtime for kids and even adults who want to rent a car and put it on the track. These little cars are quite fast and zoom around the track like you might expect a small gas-powered car for a squirrel to do (that would be awesome, yes I know). Unfortunately, unlike those toaster vans, hamsters or other rodents do not drive these vehicles.


Rock Show Trifecta Photos

If you didn't make it out to this great show, you missed out, but check out the awesome pics captured at the What's Up Lounge. The Rock Show Trifecta featured Suit & Tie Genocide of Minneapolis and Mankato locals Mayberry Riot and Catylyst.


Recipe: Pinga Pollo

Pinga Pollo Recipe

Pinga Pollo

Items Needed
Baking pan, mixing bowl, olive oil, chicken broth, chicken legs, sliced bread, diced onion, chopped celery, chicken breading, and spices.
Spices needed include brown sugar, salt, fresh chopped cilantro, paprika, pepper, chili powder and Greek seasoning (or garlic).


Edge of Tomorrow Review

Edge of Tomorrow

Most everyone would like to repeat a day in their lives. Almost nobody wants it to be the day they die.

Tom Cruise finds himself in the worst "Groundhog's Day" scenario ever as one fateful encounter causes him repeat a bloody battle against alien invaders until he can properly defeat the enemy. As Cruise grows more and more familiar with his options, "Edge of Tomorrow" continues to play upon our familiarity with the action genre in ways that are surprising, innovative and highly amusing.


Rockin By the River is Back

Rockin By The River in Mankato

Mankato’s iconic event is back! On Saturday, June 28 the Barefoot Winos and the Mankato Symphony will take the stage at Riverfront Park. The Winos are one of Mankato’s most popular blues bands and will be sure to delight the crowd. The MSO will play lighter pops fare, including some patriotic favorites and some brand new movie and TV theme music. Listen closely because we’ll ask you to name that theme!

May 2014 Local Issue


Maleficent Review


Sometimes bad guys deserve to be bad. In this case, make that bad girls. "Maleficent" is latest in the gritty fairy tale updates coming from the producer of 2010's "Alice in Wonderland" and "Snow White and the Huntsman". If that alone doesn't speak to what's gone wrong here, then watching Disney's most fearsome villain getting her wings clipped via the humanizing treatment in an overproduced mess will.


Bonnet Strings Author Spoke at Owatonna Public Library June 2

Bonnet Strings

Bonnet Strings author held an event at the Owatonna Public Library on Monday, June 2.

Saloma Miller Furlong has recently published a second book, Bonnet Strings, about her life after leaving the Amish community. Her husband, David, also shared his thoughts.

"She is a fantastic speaker and is willing to share so much about her life inside the Amish community and after leaving it," stated the Owatonna Library's Flickr link from their Facebook page.