Is Minnesota's Legal Medical Marijuana Program a Failure?

Is Minnesota's legislation on medical marijuana a failure or is it just growing pains? Pun intended.

Minnesota's medical marijuana law is one of the most strict in the United States and you must have one of nine different conditions to even qualify. Insurance does not cover the cost either. The Associated Press recently interviewed a couple different patients who gave up on the process and went back to buying pot illegally in the black market because it is cheaper.

KEYC reported the story from AP. It costs about double for a vile of oil as compared with Colorado, one of the pioneer states in legalization efforts in the US. Cannabis cannot be sold or purchased in the form of the organic plant. There are only two authorized growers in the state as written into law, which some argue is a form of government enabled monopoly against the principles of a free market. One of the growers, unnamed in the KEYC report, said that charitable organizations are being developed to help needy patients get access. But is that enough?

One of the authorized growers is a relative to Michelle Bachmann, a congressional Republican from Minnesota who has been known to be conservative and make false claims a number of times in public appearances. One of her former campaign advisers attributed this to Bachmann's independence and a lack of reading information fully and comprehensively before speaking impulsively in public. It is unclear whether or not she supports reform on medical cannabis legislation, but it is doubtful.