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MN Hip Hop | SoundSet Festival Gets Bigger and Better Every Year

prof at soundset

Rhymesayers Entertainment, an everlasting part of the Minneapolis rap and hip hop scene and independent underground hip hop music label, puts on SoundSet annually and supports the local culture. They spread a movement and break barriers, bringing together upstarts with superstars in the mainstream. It's simply beautiful.

Song of the Week: Joey Bones

This week's song comes from Mankato hip hop artist and Wu-Tang era inspired freestyler Joey Bones. Bones is starting to promote himself on Twitter and has recently debuted a music video filmed in Mankato by local filmmaker, Brian Faerber. See the video for Fingertips of God. This week's song pick was decidedly instrumental to showcase Bones' producer skills. It looks like Bones is versatile, not simply a rapper.