Tweet Shows People Having Sex Outside Near Blue Bricks as Another Watches

A tweet posted by Kato At Its Finest, Twitter handle @KatoAtItsFinest , a pic was posted of a man and woman having sex outside the bars in Mankato. The tweet claims it was taken outside near Blue Bricks bar downtown. Another man is shown in the frame watching and possibly taking pics or video himself using a cell phone. The image was tweeted Sunday afternoon and had seven retweets as of this writing. A number of Twitter accounts have been created in recent years chronicling the dubious and provocative acts, ideas and fascinations of the city of Mankato and its mostly young residents.


General Mills Faces Lawsuit from Miss Cleo Snafu

Psychic Reading image by Bohemian Baltimore, WikiMedia Commons

"Nadia's Psychic Reading" image by Bohemian Baltimore, WikiMedia Commons

General Mills, in the news recently for its sale of the Green Giant brand to B&G Foods, is now in the news for a lawsuit it faces surrounding the character from Psychic Readers Network, Miss Cleo, whom General Mills used to market the return of their previously popular French Toast Crunch cereal.

The American Race Mythology and Its Consequences

Racism in America

Little Rock, 1959. Rally at state capitol, protesting the integration of Central High School. Protesters carry US flags and signs reading "Race Mixing is Communism" and "Stop the Race Mixing March of the Anti-Christ".
Op-Ed Submitted by Rob Lawson, Publisher
Lesson 1. Race is made up bullshit


Drones Being Used for Agriculture but Also Used to Expose Bad Practices

The below Facebook video depicts the practices of large hog farm operations, the toxic waste they produce, who is impacted by that waste and the conditions of the animals living there. This footage was shot using a drone or hectacopter to procure footage from a large hog farm. Slanted previously reported the various new uses that local agriculture industry professionals are finding for the technology. Now journalists are using them to expose some of the more questionable practices of agriculture as well.


Minnesotans Lose their Patents but Monsanto Keeps Theirs

An Open Letter to Slanted Mag

Submitted by Paul Morinvillle, US Inventor

Minnesota Natural Waters Polluted from Drugs and Chemicals

Minnesota River in North Mankato

Sources in the news spectrum in Minnesota and elsewhere have been showing the results of long running studies into the water quality of Minnesota's natural waterways, including streams, lakes and groundwater. Minnesota Public Radio even reported that Minnesota's groundwater study may be "the nation's most extensive study of its kind."


Richard Dawkins to Bring his Godlessness Science to Rochester

Richard Dawkins, outspoken critic of religion (of which he considers to be fantasy) and somewhat respected scientist, will be appearing at the Rochester Mayo Civic Center this summer. Dawkins has produced documentaries and spoken and written countless times about his opinion that God is a delusion and religion is dangerous to humanity. He obviously has fierce critics within the church but it doesn't appear as though there will be rallies, protests or good old fashioned mobs with torches and pitchforks, but who knows? Maybe Dawkins will get them fired up and thirsty for atheist blood.

Baltimore Most Recent in a Series of Events Inspiring Protest Across the Nation

It could be safe to say that things are turning around very (too) slowly in terms of police brutality and the actions by municipal courts, prosecutors and district attorneys in response to those deadly actions by officers perpetrated on young men, many African American boys and young adults and other minority groups. The Freddy Gray case, in which a young 21-year-old black man died as the result of a broken neck while in police custody, is the latest in efforts at actual adverse action being taken against police officers.


Legal Pot to Start Operations in July in Minnesota

Marijuana oil

Hash or Hashish, Consisting of the main Cannabinoids THC/THCA. The main forms of hashish, bubble hash, and hash oil are produced from Psychoactive Cannabinoids for recreational use to get "high" or for medical use to treat the pain involved with many illnesses and conditions, such as Cancer and HIV/AIDS, etc. Photo by Mullaways.Wikimdia Commons Image

Don't get high hopes (pun). The first year of legal pot in Minnesota under its new marijuana law allows for dispensaries but there are certain caveats.


Local Art Constituents Meet with Sen Kathy Sheran at the State Capitol

Senator Sheran Photo

Photo Caption with Sen. Kathy Sheran, District 19 (L to R): Brenda Byron, Executive Director of Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council, Waseca and board member of MN Citizens for the Arts; Diane Harms, Saint Peter Choral Society and PLRAC Board Member; Lill Robinson, Blue Earth Town & Country Players Theater and PLRAC Board Member; Sen. Kathy Sheran; Sara Buechmann, Mankato Symphony Orchestra; and Kathy Kerekes, Twin Rivers Council for the Arts, Mankato.