MN Tech, Music Biz Appeals to Public for Launch Academy Tuition for Jumpstart


The Mankato Gazette reports that a local writer who is trying to fund a local music digital service online is crowfunding for tuition to attend Shark Tank star Daymond John's Launch Academy in the Twin Cities after a seminar in Mankato took place. He hopes to raise enough money to be able to meet with John's team to get his idea funded.


MN's Wimpy Tech Growth Figures from DEED, Trend of Lost Firms Continues

Best Buy Corporate Campus in Richfield, Minnesota in the Twin Cities south of Minneapolis

Minnesota's Department of Employment and Economic Development stated that in 2015 the state added 5,500 tech jobs, which amounts to around 4 percent growth. They also said the demand far exceeds the supply of this type of worker with adequate skills. Is the problem with not enough talent or is it a matter of not enough investment from the private sector? Slanted Magazine did some research to try to find an answer.


Red Lake Reservation Rappers Get Shine on Vice and Apple Music The Score Documentary

Ojibwe Red Lake Reservation residents

Apple has always been on the throbbing pulse of American pop culture and even a revolutionary force behind it at points. The company has teamed up with Vice to explore interesting music from across the spectrum of cultures across the globe, including the Red Lake Reservation in Minnesota.

Mortal Kombat X New Characters May Surprise You

Mortal Kombat X Leatherface Video Screenshot

Some of the new characters in the Mortal Kombat X game will seem strangely familiar, though they are not traditional MK fighting game characters at all... NourishX 21-Day Challenge Promotes Nutrient Dense Diet homepage

FoodNiche wants you to start the new year out with a new diet consisting mainly of nutrient rich foods that aren't processed.


Vikings Stadium Set to be Among Most Hi Tech in the NFL

MN Vikings US Bank Stadium

The Minnesota Vikings Stadium, US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, is set to become one of the most high tech in the NFL for its video and scoreboard technology, which was manufactured in Minnesota.

Top 10 Tech Gifts for Christmas in Southern Minnesota in 2015

This holiday season, there are plenty of shopping opportunities for technology. Whether you are shopping for your wife, your husband, your children or your uncle Bob, there are plenty of different gadgets that will be hot this year, in 2015. If you played your cards right, you may have found a great deal on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday (doubtful) or Cyber Monday (much more likely). Best Buy and Target, two major Minnesota retailers seemed to miss the mark this year in promoting several high profile gift items.


DEED Says Food Production Strong in SW Minnesota

According to the Department for Employment and Economic Development, the regional economy declined 3.8 percent during the recession from 2007 to 2010, but food manufacturing gained 466 net new jobs, an increase of 4.7 percent.

With 10,140 jobs at 108 establishments, food production leads the manufacturing industry’s employment and growth in the region, according to a release from DEED. Though southwest Minnesota has just 6.4 percent of total state employment across all sectors, it is home to 22.2 percent of the state’s food manufacturing employment.


Minnesota Tech Company Wins $50K Minnesota Cup Prize for Mac-to-iOS Graphic Tablet App

A Minneapolis, Minnesota company has won the $50,000 grand prize for developing software that allows iPad users to connect to computers to use the mobile device as a drawing and graphics arts tablet. This allows them to utilize the tablet they already have without having to purchase a more expensive specialty tablet, such as the popular industry standard Wacom devices currently available in the market and used by many designers and digital artists.


Entrepreneurship Club Announces Startup Weekend Cancelled, Rescheduled

The Minnesota State University, Mankato (MNSU) student group, Entrepreneurship Club has announced the cancellation of the Mankato Startup Weekend, Rescheduled to April 1-3, 2016. Startup Weekend is a Google-supported event for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs meet up for 54 hours to do "amazing things." They pitch, build something and then launch it. Startup Weekend events typically follow a specific model. Entrepreneurs, designers, developers, tinkerers, whatever get together and pitch ideas, then receive feedback from their peers. Literally anyone can come to do this.