Global Girls in Aviation Day Event

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Photo: After an early morning round of flight operations, an F/A-18 “Hornet” awaits the next round of combat flight operations aboard USS John C. Stennis. Stennis and her embarked Carrier Air Wing Nine (CVW-9) are supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 3rd Class Jayme Pastoric. (RELEASED) AirSpace Minnesota will celebrate the first-annual Global Girls in Aviation Day and is committed to helping the next generation of students see what’s possible when they follow their dreams and strengthen their STEM skills.


Iron Maiden Vocalist to Pilot Boeing 747-400 Jet to Six Continents for Book of Souls Tour

Iron Maiden, a metal band from the 80s still putting out albums and touring worldwide with a cult following for those in love with their gory and artistically detailed imagery, still knows how to do big things when they go on tour. The band has travelled via Boeing jets on a number of tours throughout the millennia and their newest Book of Souls tour is only different in that they will be travelling on the largest jet yet and it will be piloted by Maiden's vocalist, Bruce Dickinson. The band will play in six contents travelling more than 55,000 miles around the world.


FoodNiche: Banana Pancakes and Social Dialogue


A new social media channel has emerged around the debate about nutrition and the niche interest and national fascination with food. It is called and Slanted Magazine Southern Minnesota Arts & Culture recently explored some of their Facebook posts to get a feel for what the new niche network will have to offer food lovers and the nutritionally conscious. Here is what we found.


Drones Being Used for Agriculture but Also Used to Expose Bad Practices

The below Facebook video depicts the practices of large hog farm operations, the toxic waste they produce, who is impacted by that waste and the conditions of the animals living there. This footage was shot using a drone or hectacopter to procure footage from a large hog farm. Slanted previously reported the various new uses that local agriculture industry professionals are finding for the technology. Now journalists are using them to expose some of the more questionable practices of agriculture as well.


Minnesotans Lose their Patents but Monsanto Keeps Theirs

An Open Letter to Slanted Mag

Submitted by Paul Morinvillle, US Inventor

Amazon Fulfillment Center Coming to Shakopee


Wikimedia Commons Image by Atlasowa


Snail Mail Still Relevant?

USPS Boeing Jet

US Postal Service Boeing Jet. Wikimedia Commons Image by JetPix.

You may be asking yourself, is snail mail even relevant anymore with the rise of digital communications like text messaging, email and social media. But yes, for businesses, sentimental grandmothers and psychopathic serial murderers, snail mail is still very much an option.


The Technology Behind the Medical Marijuana Industry

Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Discount Medical Marijuana cannabis shop at 970 Lincoln Street, Denver, Colorado. Wikimedia Image


Recap of the 2015 Tech Fair at MSU, Mankato

Apple computer

WikiMedia Commons Image. One of the first personal computers from Apple.

MSU held its fifth annual Tech Fair in the Centennial Student Union last month. So in case you missed it, here's a recap.

The theme was “Technology Partners Transforming the University”. This year, the Tech Fair organizers wanted to inform students and faculty of tech innovations and services at the school, reportedly.


Mankato's Ridley Inc. Reportedly Snags $428 Million in Company Sale to Alltech

Farm animals

WikiMedia Commons Photo. Stewart, Francis, War Relocation Authority photographer, Photographer (NARA Record).

Some big news in the agriculture business world for Mankato-based Ridley Inc.