Farmfest in Redwood Falls a Chance to Get Glimpse of Ag Tech

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REDWOOD FALLS, MN - A geek is a geek. And business is business. Around here, ag is king. Agriculture in Minnesota is a top industry with top industry players like Hubbard, General Mills, Con Agra Foods, Pioneer, Cargill, Schweigert Foods and several others in a massive industrial supply and demand chain that is increasingly implementing better technology to assist with or complete tasks in farming and producing food for consumers or distributors.

Brands have played a major role in shaping the industry, but new consumer trends are again shifting business models, coupled with new technology that is further consolidating farm efforts. Are practices in agriculture in Minnesota improving with technology though? There are a lot of issues with that question; politically, philosophically, technically and so forth. This post is more of a preview for technology enthusiasts to get a preview of a show they can attend to get a better awareness of current tech trends in the ag sector.

FarmFest 2016 will take place in Redwood Falls in August. They usually put on display a number of new products and services utilizing the latest in agriculture technology at exhibitor spaces at the festival. They have also introduced the FarmFest app as well, so you can "stay up to date" on developments from the organizers of the event.

Much of the festival is like a fair, about fun and goofing off, taking part in family fun and local competitions. But the real ag tech innovation work takes place at the IDEAg Minnesota Farmfest Ag Innovators’ Day, in which students, businesses and other experts come together to develop new ideas, systems and products to enhance ag. If you are a technologist and you have ideas to create better agriculture products or services, go check it out. You might end up making some cold hard cash on day. Or you might just get to see some cool stuff and hang with the locals for some good fun, food and discussion.