MN Tech, Music Biz Appeals to Public for Launch Academy Tuition for Jumpstart


A local blogger and tech entrepreneur in Mankato, MN is attempting to crowdfund enough money via IndieGogo to foot the bill for Daymond John's (star of hit television show Shark Tank) Launch Academy to fund and jumpstart a passion for local music and technology.

IndieGogo is a platform for funding causes, businesses, startups, technology, art, music and all sorts of other projects. The enthusiastic indie media entrepreneur plans to raise around $2,000, just enough to cover the tuition funds for Launch Academy boot camp in the Twin Cities this upcoming weekend. The crowfunding page offers a special today only deal that ends a minute before midnight for small businesses in Minnesota.

He plans to get at least 20 people to sign up for the campaign and contribute between $100-150 to attend the event in exchange for a custom built blog site on any blogging or website platform, 5 free blog posts and sharing on mutual social media channels. The offer can also be found on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

It is unlikely that John's Launch Academy will be heading back to Mankato any time soon, due to poor turnout according to the Mankato Gazette. There were around 40 to 50 people in attendance at a seminar that usually draws hundreds of people.

Link to the campaign on IndieGogo site: