Top 10 Tech Gifts for Christmas in Southern Minnesota in 2015

This holiday season, there are plenty of shopping opportunities for technology. Whether you are shopping for your wife, your husband, your children or your uncle Bob, there are plenty of different gadgets that will be hot this year, in 2015. If you played your cards right, you may have found a great deal on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday (doubtful) or Cyber Monday (much more likely). Best Buy and Target, two major Minnesota retailers seemed to miss the mark this year in promoting several high profile gift items. However, the Mall of America's Apple Store and Microsoft Store seemed to have an edge this year. Look for these 10 hot tech items for your 2015 Christmas season gift list.

10. Chromecast, Apple TV or Roku
Streaming products are a great gift for anyone this year. Who doesn't like movies and television? Plus, there are so many options these days for streaming such as YouTube, Crackle, Netflix, Hulu and several others. These products are all less than $100 this year.

9. Panasonic TX-65CZ952 Ultra 4K HD TV
If you're looking for the best quality TV this year in the highest possible definition, then this is it. Panasonic has long been a leader in visual quality for video products such as expensive televisions and camcorders. Panel tech is OLED and the TV is curved too. The biggest downside: you need to be rich to own it.

8. LG Energy Star Laundry Washing Machine
LG has produced the most efficient washing machines for 2015. If you're looking for useful gift that will save someone on your list a great deal of money in energy (plus replace an old deteriorating machine), then think about the LG WT7700H washing machine or the Samsung WF56H91. See the Energy Star website for other information.

7. Fitbit, Oculus Rift, Google Glass, Apple iWatch or Other Wearable Tech
Fitness tracking has become very popular in recent years. In addition to Fitbit, there are other brands and mechanisms available for fitness tracking. The iWatch by Apple is also a hot item in 2015 and Apple has started to experiment with luxury fashion with the iWatch in different incarnations. There are competitors offering other wearable tech as well, including Samsung and others.

6. Lenovo Thinkpad or Yoga Tablet PC
Lenovo has been building a unique name for itself constructing hybrid computers that are considered "tablet PCs". They often have cool features such as a convertible swivel screen monitor and touch screen with Windows 10 or Windows 8.1. The great thing about these PCs is that they are more affordable and just as useful as the options from Samsung (Galaxy), Sony (Xperia), Apple (iPad) and Microsoft (Surface).

5. Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard
With so many iPad users these days, the Bluetooth keyboard seems to be a no-brainer for a gift idea if you know someone that lacks a good keyboard for their tablet. What's awesome about this one is that it can connect to other devices like Android, iOS and Windows. The K480 can connect to up to 3 devices including Mac/PC. The best news is the price: $50.

4. iPad Pro or Air 2
Apple finally wised up with their iPad tablet strategy. When the surface came out and introduced a tablet more like a PC that included USB ports, Apple needed to respond. Besides, its only logical to have such a universally accepted form of data transmission available on a tablet.

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 4
The Pro 4 is the newest and most up-to-date version of the popular tablet. It comes with a hefty price tag, but the power and usability is uncompromising on this device.

2. Mac Pro
The computer that resembles a coffee can may be the most powerful Mac ever built for consumers, creative people and businesses. Its cylinder shape houses a few powerful computer boards stocked with several USB ports, HDMI and Firewire. The design is unique. There is nothing like it. This was also the case with the Mac Mini and the iMac when they were released. Apple continues a trend of power, simplicity and sleek luxury design in their products. At about $1,700 for the base model, you should have some cash stashed away for this R2D2-looking model.

1. Microsoft Surface Book
The Surface Book is one of the dopest gifts you could get your significant other or child this holiday season. It costs just less than $2,000 so it isn't the cheapest item on the list, but it is certainly worth the investment. Microsoft's Surface products have been their flashpoint for the past couple years, and it seems they could possibly be Microsoft's best consumer product ever built and distributed. The Surface Book features a 256 GB hard drive and 6th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7. It runs on the newest version of Windows 10 and the package includes the Surface Pen.