MN Tech News: New Minneapolis Offices for Amazon, MedTech Co; MN Leads Offsite


Area Development reported that Amazon will open a technology development center in downtown Minneapolis, a much needed injection for the technology sector in the burgeoning city with young, talented creative and technical workers. In addition, they plan to hire as many as 1,000 new workers for the Shakopee fulfillment location. They will be looking for software developers, engineers and other technical talent for hire in Minneapolis and the surrounding Twin Cities metro area. Dave Glick, Vice President of Operations Technology for Amazon said the location is ideal for such a site due to the exceptional quality of skilled labor and valuable education among the citizens in the community.

ImpediMed Limited also added a Minnesota location, with an office in Bloomington. Ann Holder and Jack Cosentino, said to be veterans of the technology industry have come on board as executives at the newly constructed Bloomington site. The announcement was made June 8, 2016. This addition comes after losing the MedTronic headquarters in a move to appease its shareholders. Medtronic moved its base to Ireland to cut costs and improve efficiencies. ImpediMed is a small company, just over 50 people. They use bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) to measure, monitor and manage fluid status. It launched the L-Dex® system in the United States, a product to assist with clinically assessing secondary unilateral lymphedema in patients' arms and legs. The company signed a five-year multiple location clinical trial contract with the Mayo Clinic, based in Rochester, Minnesota.

The Strib reported that Minnesota leads the nation in the telecommuting trend for offsite work. This shows there is a great demand for offsite technical and creative work, or in administrative and business development work as well, but is the demand being met? They reported the number of these workers rose 50 percent since 2000. Advocates also believes these workers are highly underrepresented in any measure of their impact or existence in the workforce. Are you a telecommute worker? What is it like? What are the pros and cons? Why did you choose this work? Follow us on Twitter @SlantedMagMN or on and let us know.