Norton Offers Deep Discounts on Anti-Virus Software in June


Image by Almonroth via WikiMedia Commons Images.
If you are in need of some good Anti-Virus software, you should really use a good product like AVG or Symantec Corp.'s Norton Anti-Virus. Forget about AVG for the moment though. Both of these softwares are great but Norton has been around much longer and Symantec is trusted by the largest businesses and firms in the world. Their founder may be a bit eccentric, but the products his company has developed are world class nonetheless. Right now there is no better time to update or get a new spyware and anti-malware software like Norton. They are running some insane summer specials on their software right now, including the one available below:

Discount Offers From Symantec Corp. Norton Anti-Virus Software in June

Norton by Symantec

Symantec releases great reports from time to time about security threats and analyzes threats from around the globe with their security software for computers, networks and IT infrastructures as well as mobile devices. These deep discounts for the summer are great for students, educators and small/midsize business (SMBs). Save yourself a great deal of money by purchasing these during this summer deal period for Norton.

Don't just rely on software alone though. There is always a human element to security, plus many sophisticated hackers use robots and phishing schemes nowadays to get access and the global problem of cyber threats is only getting worse, as was evident when the government of North Korea hacked Sony Pictures because Seth Rogan made a hilarious movie called "The Interview" about Kim Jong Ill. You should regularly change passwords and try to beware of any suspicious activity. Awareness is key.

Gartner and Symantec both found that most companies are not taking proper security precautions and protocols or are not sufficiently enforcing security policies with their personnel. Don't let hackers gain access to your personal information, which could lead to them getting hold of financial or other private data that doesn't belong to them. Take advantage of the deals on Norton while you can this summer to save money and get the best in security software.

The problems are present for Southern Minnesota businesses too. CBS reported that a Minnesota brewery's website was hacked by someone claiming to be ISIS last year. Dozens of sites get hit with DDoS attacks and many more private computers are taken hostage, mined for critical data and infected with adware and other malicious files. You can protect yourself by using basic security techniques, like making sure passwords consist of numbers, letters and character combinations and logging out of sessions online.

Robert Lawson, IT project manager for Lawson Media & Publishing (publisher of this magazine and many other sites in his media network) has seen and studied many different security issues, both as a journalist and IT professional. As a website manager, he is acutely aware of this culture of procrastination and passivity with security protocols in business.

"Business owners, even myself, tend to put things off," he said. "They likely don't even know when they or their systems are being hacked or breached. This is a huge problem worldwide. Working with a good IT consultant can help with making these sites, servers and other data more secure. They will work with you on updating and upgrading and finding the right solution for their client's budget."

Consultants are great for businesses, but consumers should take advantage of any deal they can get because licensing structures, which are pricey, work differently for personal computers on the consumer side.