New Luminati Da God Hip Hop Video: Something

Trent Walton, also known as Luminati Da God, a hip hop artist from Mankato, Minnesota, released a new video recently. Luminati Da God is part of the Grind 1st production company. This reflective track is called "Something" and features soulful samples and a signature Midwest sound, but with a street message. The video was shot in downtown Manhattan.


Rock Bend Folk Festival Video and Photo Recap

Rock Bend Folk Festival performances in 2015 at Minnesota Square Park

Saint Peter's annual Rock Bend Folk Festival kicked off this past week to a large crowd of attendees. There were a lot of great bands as well as food vendors. It was probably one of the biggest turnouts in the festival's history. Slanted Mag was able to get some photos and performance video when stopping by. The festival is free and open to the public every year at Minnesota Square Park in Saint Peter.


A Look at Minnesota Hip Hop Still Struggling, Still Progressing: Sway at Soundset

Welcome to Minnesota. It's not the first state you think of when people talk about hip hop, but the state has been home to known emcees, djs and musical talent of all types for several generations. This goes beyond just the obvious pop culture icons like Bob Dylan and Prince. Other popular artists include rockers like the Replacements and Soul Asylum.

Baltimore Most Recent in a Series of Events Inspiring Protest Across the Nation

It could be safe to say that things are turning around very (too) slowly in terms of police brutality and the actions by municipal courts, prosecutors and district attorneys in response to those deadly actions by officers perpetrated on young men, many African American boys and young adults and other minority groups. The Freddy Gray case, in which a young 21-year-old black man died as the result of a broken neck while in police custody, is the latest in efforts at actual adverse action being taken against police officers.


Video from Saint Peter Chamber Led Festival, Oktoberfest

The Saint Peter Chamber of Commerce held another successful Oktoberfest event on Minnesota Avenue in Saint Peter this past weekend.
Editor's note: Oktoberfest is spelled wrong in the beginning of the video. It should read "Oktoberfest". Our mistake. We hope you can forgive us!


Frustration with Police Brutality Inspires Music and Online Activism

Police brutality in America has the effect of spurring emotions online that have only erupted recently into full blown activism as young people, minorities and others grow tired of seeing videos of teenagers and unarmed citizens being beaten, shot and otherwise injured by police officers in the United States. The below video is an example of some of the frustration felt by youth and minorities in the U.S.

Chief Keef to Perform in Mankato in Time for MSU Homecoming

Popular hip hop artist Chief Keef will be performing in Mankato just in time for the madness that is Minnesota State University Homecoming. The news hit Twitter last week.

Keef even released a promotional video for the event that glorifies his upcoming show, his music and his lifestyle.

Featured Video: Left Lane Cruiser at Ambassadors Blues Fest in Saint Peter

Left Lane Cruiser, a modern blues and jam band, played at both Minnesota Square Park and the Flame Bar in Saint Peter, Minnesota over the summer. Cold, windy and rainy weather kept the participation lower than usual this year. There are normally thousands that gather in the park. August Schell and other local vendors sold goods to park festival-goers. See the below video for a glimpse of the park and the band.

Mankato Hip Hop Artist Joey Bones Teams up with Bobby Faerber for New "Fingertips of God" Music Video

Mankato Hip Hop artist and known freestyler Joey Bones has teamed up with Bobby Faerber on the official music video for "Fingertips of God", a single by Bones.

Bones and Faerber shot the video in Mankato and scenes from the shoot are surreal and flow well with the overall vibe of the video. Hip hop's roots are in the streets, which was portrayed well in the video, with scenes of local people from local neighborhoods around Mankato and North Mankato.